What are special characters, how are they used and for what purpose?

What is a special character, how is it used and for what purpose is a question that not everyone can answer. If you are also having trouble answering the above problem, then immediately come to the article below. Useful information about this type of character will be shared by Findnickname.com with you.

1. What is the definition of special characters?

In fact, if you take some time to learn, the question “What is a special character?” It’s not too hard to answer. The following is not the most detailed answer, but it is the information closest to the issue that interests you most.

Special characters are characters that are not written in the normal form. From the outside, it has strange shapes. When paired together, they do not need to adhere to a specific rule. Each combination carries a unique meaning and according to the purpose of their creator.

What are special characters
What are special characters

Therefore, it is difficult for an outsider to clearly explain what the special character combination means. Usually, when looking at those lines of characters, one can only see it as beautiful and attractive.

To know what the purpose of special characters is, please continue to follow the content below. Perhaps after reading it, you will be somewhat surprised by the effects it brings.

2. How many common special characters are there?

If common special characters are divided into different forms, there will be numbers, stylized letters and images. The following are detailed information about each of the above character types.

2.1. Special characters about stylized letters

Although written in a similar way to regular letters, this type of character has been stylized to make it more beautiful. Character types of stylized letters include:

  • Alphabetical characters stylized according to Al-Fa-be: The common point of these characters is the details of the pattern adding accents to the letters. For example, ḁ, Å, Ä, Ą, Ȁ, Ǟ, Ⱥ, Æ, Ɐ, ℀, Ƃ, ℂ, ⅅ, Ⓕ…
  • Stylized characters in foreign languages: It can be stylized characters from Chinese, Korean, Thai characters… For example, ㊊, ㄼ, ㆀ, ぁ, ゖ, ษ, ส, ห, ◌็, , …

2.2. Special characters for numbers

There are many types of numeric special characters that are popular with young people. That is usually:

  • Small number at the top: It’s almost like exponents, from 1 to 9. Specifically, it’s ⁰ ¹ ² ³ ⁴ ⁵ ⁶ ⁷ .
  • Small number characters below: This form is similar to the character style above but has a position below the letter. Specifically, it is ₁ ₂ ₃ ₄ .
  • Numeric characters inside circles: This type of character is more diverse with different types of circles and stylized numbers. For example: ② ③, ⓸ ⓹ ⓺, ➆ ➇ ➈, ❿ ⓫ ⓬…

In addition, the usual numeric characters, decimal or Roman numerals are also very common. For example: 1 2, ¼ ½ ¾, Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ…

2.3. Special characters in the form of images

Besides the stylized character patterns from letters or numbers, there are also beautiful visual characters. They play a decorative role to make the resulting character combination more attractive and attractive.

There are many types of pictorial characters. But the most common can be mentioned in the form of characters in the shape of an apple, a gun, a flower, a star, etc. Here are some specific examples:

  • Gun-shaped special characters: ︻┳═一, ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤──, ⌐╦╦═─, ︻┳デ═—…
  • Star-shaped special characters: ✪, ✩, ⍣, ☪, ⚝, ✮…
  • Special characters in flower shape: ❋, ✦, ❉, ❊, ✽, ✾, ✿…

3. What are special characters used for?

We can hardly apply special characters in administrative documents. However, this type of character still appears in many places with different uses.

3.1. Special characters in games

Special characters are used a lot in video games. Gamers often use them when creating game character names, “chatting” back and forth with each other. The main purpose is to create attraction and attraction for others. In addition, they also use these types of characters to express their personal style.

Naming game characters with special characters is also very easy. Gamers just need to create their own character combinations and then copy and paste into the character naming. Most games like Pubg, Free Fire, League of Legends… support renaming characters easily.

3.2. Special characters on social networks

Most social networks allow you to insert special characters into posts or messages. Even there are social networks like Facebook, Zalo has its own special character table. It is easy for users to use to make their content more attractive.

These characters are not only used in personal posts and messages. Now, when social networks become a large community, business activities also develop. Units and businesses often use special characters for PR articles and advertisements to create attraction for the content they want to share.

3.3. Special characters in password generation

One of the most useful uses of special characters is to create passwords. You can see that hacker intrusion is a huge threat to the data that we keep secure. Is a simple password enough to keep your account safe?

Currently, most online accounts recommend creating passwords with special characters. The reason is that such passwords are strong and difficult to attack.

Hopefully the above information can help you answer “ What is a special character ? What is it used for?”. To know more about this interesting topic, please read the next articles of Findnickname.com!

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